Highlights from the National Board Meeting by john babos


The 2008 Ferrari Club of America National Board Meeting was held last month.  A few of the highlights are listed below:


The Ferrari Club of North America has approximately 5000 members across the United States and Canada, represented by 16 regions.  (Mexico has 5 members and is not considered a region or chapter at this time).

A concern of the club is the membership dropout rate after the first year, which is 42% nationally.  Potential cause and reasons were discussed as well as ways of keeping the first year members.

If you have any ideas on retaining members, please contact me at babosjac@msn.com.

If you are a first year member and are planning on dropping out please contact me and tell what we can do to improve, same address as above.


General liability insurance for the club was debated and coverage was changed to $5 million from $10 million.  Representatives from legal and K&K Insurance (our provider) presented the pros and cons resulting in a significant majority vote to reduce the insurance to $5 million.

I obtained track rules and regulations, which were not changed from last year. (Kent or Bill, if you would like to have them for future track events please contact me).


Editors from the Prancing Horse (PH) and The News Bulletin also solicited the regional representatives for any articles or pictures to use in future publications.  They asked that the articles be written generically in that people across the country could relate to them i.e. mentioning that Crystal fell across a log pile means little to members who don’t know who is Crystal is.  On future Rocky Mountain Region outings I would like to ask for volunteers to write an article and snap a few photos for the PH.


Discussion on the Annual Event drew a number of comments.  Many of the events in the last few years have been over the top, always costing more, and some losing money.  Numerous ideas and concepts were reviewed for reducing the cost of future annual meets.  One that could pertain to the Rocky Mountain Region, or other regions without an available or nearby track might be a “Colorado Grand” or “Copperstate 1000” event or rally.  Surprising to me was the number of board members that welcomed the idea.  All other annual meet activities would occur, think rally vs. track and more to come on this in the future.



And speaking of the annual meets, the Canadian contingent did an excellent job detailing the upcoming annual event  this July.  The only minor issue identified was the cost of getting cars across the border and back using a single shipping provider.  Arrangements are identified in the application form, however, Jim Walters is working a plan that ships a car to a US border location where you would meet your car and drive it across. Contact Jim if that works easier for you.


I’m expecting a DVD on the Canadian Annual Meet in a few weeks that I’ll make available to the members.


Each regional representative provided a summary of the year’s events, upcoming events and treasury reports.  The Rocky Mountain Region has approximately $72 thousand, approximately $8 thousand in the Kansas City Chapter and $5 hundred in the newly formed New Mexico Chapter.


If anyone would like more information on the summarized notes above please call me at 303-688-2937 or email me at babosjac@msn.com.


Now for a few general items; First up this season is the Tech Session on April 19th at Scuderia Rampante.  In addition to being a lot of fun the information you take away is priceless.  If you have specific questions please bring them up at the session. RSVP with Dave or Kris Helms 303-938-9000.


Also, with the summer season approaching and car show events beginning to line up, contact me if you would like to be a judge at the Cerebral Palsy (CP) Concourse d’ Elegance in June.  It gives you a great chance to learn the details about various cars, but more importantly a chance to get up close and meet many of our members.  There is no experience necessary, the on-the-job training is great.  I’ll need eight judges and an alternate.


The Ferrari Club also needs a volunteer, or two, etc, to represent us at the CP meetings held once a month at Lowry.  Give me a call at 303-688-2937 or email me at babosjac@msn.com if you are interested.


By the way, see the II Cavallo Rosso, our news letter for other upcoming events.


For the Formula 1 fans in the club, Corey Krause, founder of FORMULAPOD, set up multi-club Formula 1 viewings at CB Potts in Greenwood Village.  His next F1 viewing will be the Monaco Grand Prix with Red Bull sponsorship.  I should have more information on this in the near future.  I attended the Melbourne Grand Prix viewing on March 16th and enjoyed meeting all of the other, non-Ferrari, F1 enthusiast.


Next, many of our member’s email addresses aren’t getting through when I send them. If you would like to be notified of upcoming events and information and you haven’t been receiving anything from the club, please provide an email addresses to me, babosjac@msn.com.


If there you have any ideas for an upcoming event, or even complaints, please contact me at 303-688-2937 or email me at babosjac@msn.com.