Where Can We Track Our Cars In Colorado?



          With the closing of both Second Creek Raceway and PPIR, the future for Ferraristi who want to put their cars to the ultimate test has been looking somewhat dismal.


          Rumors are afoot, however, that PPIR has been bought and will reopen, and may even have the road circuit extended into an ambitious country club-style facility.  That deal is still somewhat up in the air, but is perhaps our best hope for a circuit reasonably accessible to metro Denver.


          There has been much press about a brand new and very extensive track facility, along with numerous other outdoor entertainments, to be built at Genoa, Colorado, a hundred miles east of Denver, not far from Limon.  This will most likely be a 2008 opening, and while it is every bit as far away, if not more so, than PPIR, it does have the makings of a true road circuit that suits most drivers better than the somewhat intimidating walls and banking at PPIR.


          Meanwhile, regular events still take place at Pueblo, but there is no positive news yet on the “country club” track that was being planned for somewhere close to DIA.  Country club circuits are springing up all over the country close to major cities, and it appears to be a business model that works for investors.  It will be a great shame if Denver cannot enjoy a nearby quality track facility, since many car owners are reluctant to drive a hundred miles each way to spend a day at the track. 


          Watch these pages for updates as the rumors are confirmed or denied!