The Lighter Side of Owning a Ferrari

Compromises  by john babos


When I got my Ferrari I realized there would have to be some compromises, some give and take with which I would have to come to terms. In addition to the fact it was a Ferrari with special needs, there were certain other considerations that I would have to work out. One was where to keep it. As a result of poor planning on my part, I only had a three car garage built. The Ferrari would be car number 4. The math was simple, one of the cars would have to remain outside. I tried to convince Crystal, my lovely wife, to leave her car outside. I pointed out all of the advantages of driveway parking such as fresh air, uncluttered ingress and egress as well as saving on mileage. (Her car would actually travel less distance of about 60 feet per use and over a few years that can really add up). So as you may have guessed, the first compromise left me scraping ice and walking through snow and rain to get to and from my daily driver. The Ferrari got the third garage bay.

The third garage bay was also where I chopped my firewood. Nothing was better than splitting wood in a heated garage and letting the chips and splinters fall where they may (usually on my daily driver). Somehow, the thought of my little Ferrari under oak and pine chips oozing sap seemed utterly disgraceful. So my indoor firewood preparation moved outside as a result of the second compromise. And by no strange coincidence the chips and splinters would still fall on the daily driver, only outside.

The third compromise was one that honestly took me by surprise. Crystal insisted on taking the Ferrari on all of the weekend excursions. It was the third weekend trip that put me wise to her plan. With the limited trunk space in the Ferrari 328, (and thatís being generous), Crystal had to buy a new wardrobe for each weekend engagement. It seems that guys can wear the same sport coat every night but gals canít wear the same dress, go figure? I havenít yet determined how she finds room to bring her new wardrobe back.


its gotta fit....WE'll be gone the


The fourth compromise as it turns out, was by far the most painful. With only two seats there just wasnít enough room for Crystalís dear mother when we made the bimonthly visits to ďmomsĒ. The tragedy of leaving my wonderful mother-in-law home instead of taking her on neighborhood errands broke my heart. Not being able to listen to how much better life was 40 years ago and missing the countless tips on how to drive was a real personal loss for me.

When all is said and done, I guess I really donít have anything to complain about. The few comprises I made all worked out for the best. I now have easy access to my daily driver, I no longer split my own firewood, Crystal is delighted with her new wardrobes, and my mother-in-law no longer invites us over to run errands.

Arenít Ferraris great?