The Lighter Side of Owning a Ferrari



    The Lighter Side of Owning a Ferrari Ė Top Worse Things     by john babos



The other day my coworkers asked what would happen to my Ferrari, for that matter, anybodyís Ferrari when our time here on earth is over, when your spouse eventually moves on and remarries.  And what happens if your spouse marries someone who doesnít understand the Ferrari marque, has no clue, and in fact canít even spell Ferrari.   So, here are the top worse things that can happen to your Ferrari when youíre gone, according to my coworkers.  Imagine if you will, youíre up above, hopefully, looking down and:




1. Your Ferrari is in the general parking of a NASCAR event with a  spit cup on the seat and a Lugwrench Larry bobble head on the dash.



2. Your Ferrari is driving away from Home Depot with 2 x 4s hanging out  the window and landscaping timbers tied to the roof, complete with a  little red flag waving happily on the end of  some PVC .



3. Your Ferrari is struggling down National Forest road 408 with a dead  deer tied to the roof and the arrows still sticking out of itís legs, neck,  thigh and stomach.



4.  Your Ferrari is being used as a stump puller on the lower 40, large  chains fastened to the rear bumper and preparing for a 50 foot running start.



5. Your Ferrari is being used as a storage bin for tractor transmissions and  miscellaneous farm implements.



6. Your Ferrari is being used as a ramp and step to reach the upper shelves  in the barn, where greasy ball bearings are stored.



7. Your Ferrari is jacked up behind the wood pile with the drive wheel  connected to a homemade saw mill and the pump for the septic tank.



8. Your Ferrari is being used to transport well fed chickens to market, in the front seat.



9. Your Ďhickedí out Ferrari is hauling an eight foot wooden carp boat with the days catch and live baits sitting comfortably on the Connelly  leather seats.









10. Your Ferrari is being traded, even steven, title for title on a 1982 Yugo.


Maybe itís not that bad you say, after all, what difference does it make?  Well I will tell you, it makes a lot a difference. Iím redoing my will and Iím going to be buried in my Ferrari.  Iím taking it with me.





john babos