Cashmere pashmina fabric has been favored by women from ages. It used to be a symbol of the ultra-luxurious lives led by royal men and women. Even today, it still commands great appeal for its comfortable and rich look.

Sourced from the hair of exquisite Himalayan goats, the wool is woven into these scarves and sold throughout the globe. Women of all ages, region and ethnic background love to wrap a cashmere scarf around their neck and flaunt the exuberance it brings.

Types of wrap and pairing

These scarves are available in colourful combinations and you can style them in many ways, thus enhancing your elegance. You can choose from the different shapes and sizes. Be it long or short, square or rectangular, each cashmere pashmina becomes a masterpiece in itself.

You can also pair them with several outfits irrespective of any hour of the day. The best part about these scarves is that they can be worn with formal as well as casual wear.

Cashmere Pashmina

Price vs. comfort

When it comes to cashmere fabric, comfort always wins over price. Cloth pieces knit from this fine woollen fabric attract high price for their intricate knit. The price starts at around $50 and goes up to $750, depending on the designer. Yet they attract huge demand due to the lavishness they carry.

A woman wrapping one of the best cashmere scarves around her shoulder will never weigh its price over the delicate exquisiteness it brings. So, when it’s a choice between price and comfort, the latter will always gain a favour over the former.

High quality cashmere

The fabric comes in different blends which provide you with levels of comfort. Scarves made with best quality cashmere fibre are much more luxurious than the rest. The supreme-quality fabric is made of wool with double ply or higher ply. They are knit closely to make them more supple and smooth. These fabrics made of pure cashmere wool and are much better than other blended fabrics which are knit loosely. The mark of the best cashmere fabric is that it does not pull or pile. There are no visible holes on a cashmere pashmina.

Special care for the fabric

As exquisite as this fabric is, it calls for greater care when handling or washing. Make sure that your wardrobe favourite has a longer life by taking special care for it. You cannot treat or wash it just like you do with the rest of your clothing So, don’t wash it at home. Take it to your nearest Laundromat. This way you can also keep its shape and colour intact for the coming years.

Where to find the pashminas?

Cashmere is a beautiful fabric that commands high demand in most of the places. So, you will not face difficulty in finding one at your nearest departmental store. You can also get one from the different e-commerce sites.

So, why wait? Now carry the elegance you always desired. Buy a cashmere pashmina from one of these options. Mix and match with different outfits and be the show stealer.