The human body is the most sophisticated machine out there. Hence, just like any other regular machine, the human body requires rest, or sleep.

However, due to circumstances, like stress, workload, illness and other disorders, often the body misses out on the needful amount of sleep.

The result, crankiness, fatigue and low motivation to work, additionally, when symptoms prolong, it ends down to chronic insomnia.

This can lead to ailments like depression, hormone imbalances and what not! During such an awry condition, it’s vital to normalize wake-sleep cycle.


melatonin sleep

Hence, doctors sometimes, depending on the symptoms a patient shows, prescribe to buy melatonin pills/supplements. Now, before moving to why melatonin sleeping pills are the magic cure, to numerous mental disorders, let’s discuss in brief about these pills.

What are melatonin supplements?

Melatonin is produced endogenously by the Pineal gland, and the speciality of this hormone is light suppresses it. This hormone is responsible for regulating the wake/sleep cycle and is only secreted at night. Now, when due to internal or external conditions awake/sleep cycle of a human is disrupted, the level of melatonin secretion diminishes.

Hence to get this wake-sleep cycle in sync, doctors prescribe melatonin uk pills. Available in both natural and synthetic forms, these pills are available over the counter.

Moving on, this Melatonin sleep aid aren’t just mere sleep regulators; in fact, there are several ways melatonin håndkøb tackles mental/physical disorders. Look at the commonly asked questions about melatonin supplements to find out –

Does Melatonin help with chronic anxiety?

Anxiety is one regular occurrence in the 21st century. With the millennial era continually struggling to be the best and succumbing to peer pressure, stress is unavoidable. Hence, this leads to anxiety and depression.

The result is youth consuming anti-depressants at an alarming rate. However, doctors claim, to avoid the over-indulgence and dependence on anti-depressants, a good option is to switch to melatonin supplements. These supplements enhance the intensity of medicines and hence prevent over-dependence at one go.

Melatonin & schizophrenia? Any relation?

Schizophrenia patients often have recurring sleep disorders which induce them into a frenzy. Thus, doctors often tell patients to køb melatonin tablets for these patients to ensure they get a sound sleep at night.

Does Melatonin help with depression?

Numerous scientific researchers have unraveled the fact that depression leads to low melatonin production.

Hence, patients with depression often experience insomnia and sleep disorders which lead to adversative effects on their body. Therefore, doctors prescribe depression patients take melatonin supplements to counter the impact of low melatonin production.

Melatonin helps autistic children. Is this true?

Many researchers over the year conducted several studies on what Melatonin’s relation to autistic children is. The conclusion is melatonin helps in stabilising the focus of autistic children.

Hence, not only do they sleep better but they get induced with a sense of calm which helps them focus better in day-to-day activities.

In the end, it can be safe to interpret that melatonin is the upcoming cure for many ailments. Besides, these tablets are recommended by physicians only because they don’t garner unpleasant side-effects. Hence, in the case of the above illnesses, buy melatonin over the counter from your drug store and fix those health issues quickly.