The total numbers of Facebook subscribers have exceeded 2.7 billion.

Doesn’t it sound great to know that online marketing would be accessed by so many users all across the world?

Now it is going to be a dreadful thought for all those business dealers who have dumped Facebook for online marketing. The increase in the number of active users is the substantiation for the massive growth of Facebook.

It is important that every business owner should take time to look into the reasons for the low performance of marketing on Facebook.

Facebook has been established as the most significant social network for marketers according to a survey in the year 2015 and is also one of the foremost social platforms with an increase in the number of active socializers. Facebook is connected with the other business corporates which are associated in the same industry like Instagram.

Many of the business men fail to realize the reasons for the low performance of Facebook marketing. They fail to estimate and understand the performance of their online business marketing. They should learn to at least guesstimate the feat of their online marketing.

Ensure that the entire marketing process is more of interaction.

Stay Committed to Timely Interaction with Your Users

Today, people’s lifestyle has changed incredibly. Everything has become handy. People access everything via online and now with the introduction of the smartphone, everything has become much more accessible. Studies say that a person uses his mobile phones to socialize through Facebook for at least a minimum of seven hours. Whereas, in the case of twitter, it is estimated that people stay active for a maximum of two hours in a month. The other site like Pinterest is accessed for an hour and Tumblr for a little more than an hour.

The ComScore Mobile Metrix has reported that Facebook has the highest percentage of consumer interaction. Then in this case, how is it that many business dealers have difficulty in interacting on Facebook?

Have you heard of the 80-20 rule?

The 80-20 rule is a common rule of thumb in business. In business, everything works and gets related in an 80-20 rule basis. Here, it refers that 80% of your sales should come from 20% of your clients. If people like your product, then it doesn’t mean that they can be showered with advertisements all time round the clock. Similarly, make sure that 80% of your update is informational and the remaining 20% of your update gives a special feel to the customers. The contents should be such that it draws people’s attention on its own.

See if you find these strategies useful in developing your Facebook page and the interaction among the followers, fans, and customers.

Show Variation in Your Posts

Any successful business owner would know that monotonous promotion fails. To read something again and again would be unexciting and tiresome. The same is valid for those who read the business contents. People tend to get bored reading similar contents. They would expect variation in the updates. So try introducing different types of updates like videos, infographics, pieces of writing, and share personal experiences of the customers, share interesting and relevant pictures, and also raise questions. Analyze your customer’s response and post your updates accordingly.

Hubspot states that the usage of emoticons reaches the customers extensively. It also adds that these emoticons give a personal feel to the content. It statistically states that 57% of the people tend to ‘like’ a content, 33% of the people tend to comment, and another 33% of the people tend to share the content.

Post Captivating Photographs

Generally, photographs have a good reach among people. In 2014, a research by the eMarketers states that 87% of Facebook users tend to interact only on seeing interesting pictures. Photos are an exceptional attention seeker, especially when it comes to promoting recipe blogs.

Ensure that the pictures are bigger and if not, at least clearer. Always try to post pictures or contents in any other media format directly rather than posting a URL that holds the pictures. Make your pictures an inspirational one and run a ‘Caption Contest’. This strategy has always been successful.

Keep the Page Updated at the Proper Time

Know the right time to keep your followers updated. The best time could be the late evening, say 7 pm. This could be a suitable time to view the contents posted and even JeffBullas suggest that the contents should be posted in the non-busy hours of the followers. Schedule to wind up your postings by 7am for that any post after this time would not be that effective. Studies say that people interact more from 8pm to 7am. And similarly, people interact more on weekends, especially on Saturdays.

But always keep analyzing the responses and choose the best-suited pattern of posting.

These strategies, on proper implementation, yields better results. But in the worst cases, these strategies would have to be modified appropriately to meet the demand of the people. Always stay connected with your follower’s preferences and continually work towards accomplishing them.

Socialization and correlation are essential tools that make the business an effective one.