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Doctors Prescribe Melatonin during Psychological Disorders!

The human body is the most sophisticated machine out there. Hence, just like any other regular machine, the human body requires rest, or sleep.

However, due to circumstances, like stress, workload, illness and other disorders, often the body misses out on the needful amount of sleep.

The result, crankiness, fatigue and low motivation to work, additionally, when symptoms prolong, it ends down to chronic insomnia.

This can lead to ailments like depression, hormone imbalances and what not! During such an awry condition, it’s vital to normalize wake-sleep cycle.


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Stages of sleep and treating sleep disorders effectively

“Sleep!” – It might seem to be merely a long rest (a natural behaviour) after the day’s work, but sleep has a lot to do with your health. Those who are deprived of and suffer from insomnia, end up taking medicines like Melatonin. Actually, sleep is a very interesting subject to explore!

Understanding Sleep: Peeping into our body!

Do you know, while we are asleep, our brain remains active? Yes! We have neurotransmitters that act on various nerve cells controlling our sleep and awakening. While some of the neurons keep a part of our brain active keeping us awake, others present at the base, functions when we are asleep, switching off the active signals. This is how we fall asleep.



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