Melatonin is a hormone released from the pineal gland. Its primary function is to regulate sleep in the human body. However, many factors play a role in disrupting its secretion. To bridge the gap between the physical requirement for this hormone and its production, researchers have created its food supplements. One can get them from health shops and online stores in the form of pills and as a liquid.

Melatonin’s effect – or the lack of it – is profound on your body. Thus, it is essential to maintain the required level. The benefits can range from aiding in jet lag recovery to curing delayed sleeping syndrome.

Widely Acclaimed Hormone

Melatonin and its relation to age

This hormone’s secretion is strongly related to a person’s age. Its levels are the highest for babies, who generally sleep for extended hours. When a person grows, the body secretes just enough of this hormone to meet all functional requirements. However, as one moves towards old age, its secretion level decreases. This is why old people find it hard to sleep readily.

Other factors leading to the low release

Apart from old age, one significant factor that causes sleeplessness among young and old alike is an irregular sleeping pattern. The circadian rhythm regulates sleep in your body. As it gets dark, the rhythm, also known as body clock, sends your brain a signal for releasing melatonin.

Nevertheless, this pattern gets disrupted if one sleeps at irregular times. Hence, your brain stops producing this hormone when needed, resulting in sleep disorder. Other reasons for low secretion include stress and heavy medication.

Hormonal supplements for treating insomnia

Many reputed companies sell these hormonal supplements, also known as sleeping aids. Besides, they are also a trusted prescription drug for treating various sleep disorders. These supplements help the body meet its hormonal requirement while signalling it to produce more of the same. Once you get your regular sleep pattern back, that means it has started producing this hormone regularly. From this point, you can discontinue taking the supplements. They are safe to consume for both long and short-term treatments.

Consuming in the proper dosage

Depending upon the person’s condition and severity of illness, the general recommendation for dosage is from 0.3 to up to 20 milligrams. Every person’s body reacts differently to various medicinal drugs. Hence, to know your body’s response to buying melatonin online, it is best to start taking these supplements in small doses. Consuming more than what is recommended comes with severe side effects. Some of them are blood pressure change, low body temperature, and internal bleeding. So, it’s better to stick with the recommendations and avert these conditions.

As a caution, consult your doctor before starting with the supplemental intake. They will give you the best advice according to your specific illnesses or disorders.